Textbooks and lectures aside, what have I learnt about myself?…

Exams are over and I am finally free! Now I can actually have a break before second semester starts and I mean a proper break. Okay, I may have just had the Christmas holidays but with it being such a busy time of year and having revision to do there was little time to relax. Yet my lecturers wished me a ‘restful break’. Restful? But you’re giving me exams?!

As I prepare for next semester I can’t help but look back on how things have changed from first year to where I am now.  So what has changed?

Excuse the mushroom! Love a Spanish Omelette.

Well for starts I cook better.  I’m not saying that I cook amazing meals every night but I’ve definitely learnt that eating well is crucial at university. I used to think that cooking involved too much effort and took up time that I didn’t think I had. Sometimes work took over. I now realise that cooking a good meal is such a good stress reliever. Cooking in bulk has also been handy.  I have gone from bunging something in the oven to cooking dishes like Spanish  Omelette, Risotto and Egg fried rice.

I deal with exams better.  I may still have a way to go with dealing with nerves but I have gone from the person that used to go into exams shaking to being calm. How have I managed this? Well, I think it’s important to just take a moment to appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into work and just believe.

Finally,  I have come to realise a few hours off at the weekend and the odd lie in here and there is not going to drastically effect my degree. For most people this is probably normal but I used to feel like I had to be constantly working. In my last post I mentioned a key word, balance, and  I think that I might have finally got it.


University is not simply just about academic learning, it’s also an opportunity to learn about you. Embrace it!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Mon  X


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