Learning to Let Go… My London Adventure

When it comes to travelling alone I’m not the most confident.  For many students travelling to  another city to see a friend at the weekend is no big deal but for me it was a whole step forward.

“Oh I’ve got too much work, I’m not too sure” etc etc I said, but part me of knew inside that I’m always going to have work or there will always be something so maybe it’s time to let go? If I keep saying no then how will I gain confidence? How will I know if it really is as bad as I think?

I guess these feelings come from experiences of travelling with my autistic twin brother which have not been straightforward and that when I was younger I  never really ventured out of town with friends so I felt like I couldn’t do it.

I kept chopping and changing my mind but I took the chance and just booked it. I visited my friend studying in London, it’s funny that I saw my first West end show with her on a school trip and nearly 9 years later we were back, watching another but this time on our own.

Well…? I absolutely loved it! I’ve been to London many times before both with family and school but this was different. I felt so free and independent.  My friend asked “So what do you want to do, where do you want to go?” I thought anywhere!? “Camden and Oxford Street!”. I’ve never been there before so why not!

I was surprised by just how much we managed to do considering I arrived Saturday afternoon and went home Sunday around 5pm.

Saturday:  We had lunch and headed into central. We went around Leicester Square, China town, M&M world and then stuck around near the theatre. We had dinner at Jamie’s Italian and then watched Matilda the Musical!

Sunday: Me being the early bird that I am woke my friend up at 8:30am.  She wasn’t too happy about that! After dragging her out of bed, we looked around her uni and then headed to Camden. I didn’t realise how much culture and art Camden had to offer.  Best of all, the variety of street food was incredible! To end the trip we went to Oxford Street.

A few days later all of the walking around, travelling on the tube (which I used to find daunting) and climbing many many stairs  eventually caught up with me, but it was so worth it!

Oh and by the way I didn’t even do any work over the weekend! Again what’s the big deal about that? Well, of course I have time off but never really a whole weekend. For once I decided to just live a little.

So now if a friend asks me to visit them I don’t think I’ll be holding back. I may only be building up my confidence now but I did it and I can’t wait to see where I’ll end up next!

My advice for people like me would be to just go for it!

Mon    X


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